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Our passionate and knowledgeable tour guides in Tambopata National Reserve are dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience. They will lead you through this vibrant ecosystem, showcasing its diverse flora and fauna. With their expertise, you can explore hidden gems and stunning landscapes while prioritizing your safety. Trust our friendly team for a safe and immersive adventure in nature’s wonders.


Joselo Barazorda
Photographer Guide

Joselo Barazorda is an incredibly talented nature photographer! He has a keen eye for capturing the beauty of the Tambopata National Reserve, a corner of the Amazon rainforest that is teeming with amazing flora and fauna. His work is a true celebration of the region's rich biodiversity! Through his lens, he captures stunning images of birds, tigers, river otters, insects and landscapes that have escaped devastation. Joselo has received numerous national awards and has participated in collective exhibitions! Let us appreciate the amazing work of José Barazorda!

Bryan Quispe Muñoz
Naturalist Photographer
Heyner Chota Chavez
Naturalist Tour Guide
Jesus Mendez
Naturalist Travel Guide
Daguer Irey
Cultural Interpreter Guide
Marco Apaza
Naturalist Tour Guide